About Us

Our Story

“Neatness Counts”, isn’t just our slogan, it’s our reputation!

Since 1989 we’ve worked hard to accomplish the reputation of high quality workmanship by using top grade materials and having the diligence to take our time and get the job done right the first time.

With that philosophy and a commitment to meet the client’s deadlines, Sharon Greatbatch and her sister Sue LaPoint have enjoyed a successful business that has spanned 28 years and is going strong today.

The S&S Staff

These two hard working women started painting for a local property management company on a paint crew; “When that disbanded, they told us they wanted to hire a painting company to do their work”, says Greatbatch, “We started S&S Painting company that day and the rest is history.” Today we also offer commercial flooring, light carpentry and post construction cleaning, as well.

In 2004, David Shelley was hired on as our Sales Director. Prior to joining us, David had 30 years experience in the painting world as a Sales Rep for the Sherwin Williams company. “We try to keep it light and upbeat–knowing it is contagious throughout the company,” says Shelley.

S & S Painting has grown from a two-girl crew to one that increases to 35 employees during the summer months. Sharon is the first to sing the praises of her staff. “My employees are well trained and we demand the most professional behavior at all times from them.” Since the inception of S&S Painting and Decorating, she has shared a mutual respect with her employees. “My employees are the backbone of this company, they go out every day with a good attitude. Some jobs are more challenging than others, and if they need more support, I try to give that to them. Without them, I would not have had the success we have had over the years.”


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