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S&S Painting has over 28 years experience painting commercial exteriors and interiors. Over the years we have painted hospitals, industrial plants, apartment complexes, jails, paper mills,…

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Over the years we have had the opportunity to paint, stain and renew a variety of surfaces. Below are some of the homes we have painted or restored.

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Since 1989, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most professional companies in New England. These are quality businesses that take pride in everything…

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At S&S Painting we enjoy what we do, and we’re ready for questions about our services. So go ahead and let us know what you’re thinking, there are…

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S & S Painting and Decorating: Where Neatness Counts

When you constantly receive notes of thanks from customers, you know you’re doing something right! S&S Painting and Decorating has standards that their employees must follow. Our employees are well trained and we demand the most professional behavior from them at all times.

Since our inception, we have shared mutual respect with all of our employees. They are the backbone of our company. Our success has resulted from their continued good attitude and skills even when some jobs can be more challenging than others. We give extra support when these challenges arise.

A Passion For Painting…

“I’m looking forward to many more years of success in this field,” says Sharon Greatbatch. “It is an interesting and exciting field – one when you have finished, you can stand back and put your name on it with pride.”

And A Passion For Giving…

Each year we choose a worthy project and give back to our communities by helping them any way we can. Here is a testimonial from one:

To the Sentinel: For the E.L.M. Memorial Community Center, there is a Santa Claus and her name is S&S Painting of Swanzey.

S&S Painting has given us a gift that will last for many years–a present of paint, talent and hard work that has transformed our tired community hall into a sparkling and inviting place of assembly. S&S Painting workers not only painted, they made repairs to walls and doors worn from many years of use. Our board of incorporators recently completed major renovations at the community hall building, some $159,000 worth of sill and chimney repair, rewiring, roofing, replacement windows and siding. Now S&S has put significant frosting on our cake with its outstanding corporate gift.

The community hall is home and host in Winchester to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, senior exercise programs, senior luncheons, teen center activity, school vacation programs, summer camp, family celebrations and more. We know that all who use the facility will appreciate and protect the hall, gleaming with Antique and Dover White paint.

Our gratitude extends to Sherwin Williams Co. of Keene, which made a significant donation of paint.

S&S Painting spots a phrase on its company van: “Neatness Counts.” Certainly neatness and efficiency are two of its hallmarks. Generosity and good work are two more. We are proud to have been chosen as a recipient of their good will and we extend our public thank you.–
Kathleen M. Oliver, Exec. Dir., Henry A.L. Parkhurst, Pres. Board of Incorporators, Rhonda Noland, Pres. Board of Trustees. Ellen Lambert Murphy Memorial Community Center, Winchester, NH